Oral and Maxillo Facial Surgery

Major Surgical Procedures

Orthognathic (corrective jaw) surgery is needed when jaws don't meet correctly and/or teeth don't seem to fit with jaws. Teeth are straightened with orthodontics and corrective jaw surgery repositions misaligned jaws. This not only improves facial appearance, but also ensures that teeth meet correctly and function properly.

Cosmetic Jaw Surgeries

CASE 1 - Gummy Smile Corrected with Upper Jaw surgery

CASE 2 - Upper Jaw Defiency Corrected with surgery

CASE 3 - Gummy Smile and Chin correction

CASE 4 - Premaxillary Protrusion correction

CASE 5 - Anterior Maxillary Osteotomy (AMO)

CASE 6 - Lower Jaw correction with BSSO

CASE 7 - Remove

CASE 8 - Gummy Smile corrections

CASE 9 - Open Bite correction

CASE 10 - Facial Deviation correction

CASE 11 - Gummy Smile Correction

Minor Surgical Procedures

Kamala dental provide minor and major maxillofacial surgeries at its minor OT,
highly equipped with latest surgical instruments and emergency management systems.

  • Open Surgical extractions
  • Impacted teeth removal
  • Frenectomy
  • Crown Lengthening Procedure
  • Alveoloplasty
  • Vestibuloplasty
  • Cyct removal
  • Oro-antral Fistula Closure
  • Abscess Drainage
  • Electro Surgical Procedures
  • Biopsy
  • Salivary calculi removal
  • Endodontic Surgeries

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