RCT(Root Canal Treatment) / SVE (Single Visit Endodontics)

(i) Regular Root Canal Treatment : It is done in 3 visit

(ii) Single Visit Root Canal Treatment

This is undoubtfully the biggest advantage. The major reason for increased patient acceptance is reduced number of injections and reduced number of visits to dental clinic and saves time. For patients who report to clinic with fractured front teeth we place esthetic restoration immediately after single visit endodontics

(iii) Laser Assisted Root Canal Treatment

Recent advances shows laser can now be used to open the surface of the tooth to access the root canal, remove diseased tissue, clean, disinfect and shape the canal and fill it. The use of laser in aiding root canal disinfection is more promising than in root canal preparation. They reduce discomfort  byeliminating jarring   sounds of drills as well as limiting the need for Local anesthesia. It also reduces post operative discomfort.

(iv) Microscopic Endodontics
The benefits of root canal procedure completed with a microscope include magnified image, increased precision, improved illumination and improved visualization.

(v) Endodontic Re- treatment

Whenever possible, it is the best way to say your natural teeth.Re-treated teeth can function well for year ever for life time. Advances in technology are constantly changing the way Root canal treatment is performed, so we use new techniques that were not available when you had your procedure.

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