BPS Dentures

BPS® (Biofunctional Prosthetic System) is a system of professional expertise and quality products that are the standard for aesthetics, comfort, fit and function. BPS® precision dentures will instil confidence and provide optimum function while eating, speaking or laughing.

High quality standards ensure that BPS dentures meet the esthetic demand of patients with its unique Ivoclar natural like teeth that recreates the character of your smile.

The most important demand on your denture is to reproduce the functions of natural teeth during mastication and speaking to a very high extent. The masticatory movements and the sensitivity of the oral mucous membranes are taken into consideration, as well as the wearing comfort during daily use.

Only certified dental labs and technicians are authorized to fabricate BPS dentures.

BPS dentures are fabricated from specially coordinated materials. The excellent cooperation between the BPS certified dentist and the BPS certified dental technician enables the optimum analysis of your personal data and their use for the fabrication of distinctive BPS dentures.

These Dentures are ‘Top of the Line’ precision dentures that provide optimum function while eating, speaking or laughing

Each individually-crafted BPS denture begins with teeth uniquely constructed in layers that mimic natural dentition.From preliminary impressions through the try-in, specialized procedures, materials, and equipment are used to ensure a precise fit and to simulate correct jaw movement and function.

The denture is then fabricated through a patented injection moulding process which results in an accurate, secure, and comfortable fit. In fact, BPS dentures are crafted to such an exacting standard that they have been granted ISO approval.

If you are looking for a denture that is remarkably natural and aesthetic in appearance, and functions more like natural teeth, a BPS denture may be the answer.

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