What is Root Canal Treatment?

A single tooth consists of hard covering outside (enamel, dentin) and soft part inside (pulp). The pulp contains the

nerve and blood vessels which keep the tooth alive. The soft part gets affected by decay, infection, trauma, wear and

tear.  We can save the tooth depending on the amount of tooth structure remaining by doing root canal treatment.

The root canal treatment involves removing the infected and inflamed pulp from the root canals.  The procedure

involves numbing the tooth, removing the affected pulp from the root canal with special files, cleaning and filling

with filling material. The filling material keeps the canals free of infection or contamination & fills the dead space.

 After the procedure to prevent the root canal treated tooth from fracture, an artificial dental crown (cap) is

constructed & cemented over it. In some cases for extra support a post is placed over the canal and crown placed

over it.

Dr. Priya Madhusudanan MDS, [Endodontist]   KAMALA DENTAL HOSPITAL


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