Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry / Aesthetic Dentistry is a group of advanced dental procedures, giving utmost importance to the appearance of teeth, especially smile, which is befitting for that individual human face. It’s all about regaining symmetry and ideal facial proportions.

When you analyze a human face that is thought of as beautiful, with an attractive smile and also considered to be having a beautiful personality, there is a proportion and symmetry involved. We all know the importance of being attractive and having a beautiful smile and face whilst being confident about oneself in public and in social media.

Starting from media personnel like performing artists, business people, students, housewives and for each and every one, the desire to attain better looks are always there. Respecting this feeling, there is a specialty branch of dentistry, though not recognized by universities in their curriculum, it is basically an On-demand Dentistry / Need-based Dentistry. It’s a culmination of most branches of dentistry, and a multi-disciplinary specialty, evaluating each and every smile in accordance with the symmetry and proportions. A trained cosmetic dentist will be suggesting one or more procedures to get closer to the most appropriate smile.

We recommend you to get a smile evaluation done at Kamala Dental Specialty Hospital by Dr. Segin Chandran and team. He holds a post graduate certification in Aesthetic Dentistry by Suny-Buffalo University, U.S.A, and currently he is one of the office bearers of Indian Academy of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry (IAACD) and the Editor of Aesthetic Expressions, an official journal of IAACD.

Here at Kamala Dental Specialty Hospital, we will assess the various aspects of your tooth, face and smile and will recommend various feasible options.

These options may include correcting the crowding of teeth, correcting the shape and size of single or multiple teeth, closing spaces, balancing symmetry, changing gum and tooth colour, correcting discoloured fillings. The end result will be a desired, confident and beautiful smile that compliments your face.

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