March 13, 2024
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Crafting Smiles with Advanced Dental and Surgical Care

More often than not, dentistry is often looked upon with fear. Many dread the day they have to sit in the dentist’s chair. There are instances where people do not turn up for the appointment fearing the buzzing sound of the suction pump! If you are one of them, we would say, you are not alone. But in that same breath, we would add that you have not been to Kamala Dental Clinic either. 

At Kamala Dental Clinic which is located in the heart of Trivandrum, we have made it our mission to dissolve those fears through the practice of advanced dental and surgical care. Here dental care transcends apprehensions and transforms into a reassuring experience. In this exciting blog, we want to tell you more about what we do, how we do it and why you should choose Kamala for your dental and surgical care.

Advanced diagnosis and treatment planning

For us, dental and surgical care starts right from the word go. We take pride in our state-of-the-art facilities featuring in-house CBCT and OPG. With our cutting-edge Sirona Orthophos SL 3D technology, we let go of traditional radiography limitations that capture only 2D radiographs. Instead, we capture comprehensive images from multiple angles helping us to generate precise 3D models. This further helps us to visualise the teeth and adjacent structures with unparalleled precision which in turn aids in formulating meticulous treatment plans.

Intra Oral Scanners

At Kamala Dental, we walk the talk. We are on a mission to eliminate any practice that would cause discomfort or apprehension for our clients. As steps towards achieving this mission, we take digital impressions using the Dentsply Sirona Intraoral Scanner. The impressions so generated are accurate and thus the prostheses made as a result of this impression will have an excellent fit too.

VSP (Virtual Surgical Planning) and Guided Surgeries

By leveraging advanced technology such as VSP (Virtual Surgical Planning) and Guided Surgeries, dentists gain a comprehensive preoperative insight, optimizing precision. Picture it like this – the digital planning of implant surgery can be done using CBCT scan and Intraoral scan. Even, the position of implant placement can be determined and the surgical guide can be made using 3D printing. Amazing right? Well, that is what you get at Kamala Dental Hospital. Here, we befriend cutting-edge technology to ensure accurate placement of the implants according to a pre-determined plan, ultimately leading to improved outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Wear your crown in a day!

Kamala Dental Clinic offers one-day dentistry. All thanks to its well-integrated backend that includes a dental lab, CAD/CAM (Computer-aided design and Computer-aided manufacturing) technology and CEREC Primemill – the best milling machine there is for the fabrication of dental restorations like dental crowns, veneers, inlays, onlays and bridges.  All these technologies and machinery along with the supremacy of dentistry of the specialists at Kamala make aesthetically pleasing restorations at a high speed possible. 

Enhanced Magnification

There are microscopes and then there are Labomed Dental microscopes. While the latter has the same working principle as that of any other microscope, Labomed Dental has high-magnification lenses, which help the dentists at Kamala understand the complex root anatomies with enhanced visualisation.

Relaxed dental treatment

If you are still anxious about dental treatment, worry not. We’ve got you. The nitrous oxide sedation that we provide otherwise known as happy air relaxation will help you to remain calm during the procedure. It is 100% safe to use and very effective in adults as well as kids.

Laser Treatment at its best

Laser has found its way through to dentistry as well, let alone Kamala Dental. Here, we use the world’s best hard and soft tissue laser unit — Waterlase from the USA. With this state-of-the-art machine, the dentist professionals of Kamala perform with ease laser-assisted cosmetic fillings, laser-assisted root canal treatments, laser gum surgeries and laser-assisted teeth whitening.  Waterlase MD Turbo allows all dental and surgical procedures to be performed with minimal discomfort and involves no blood and no pain. 

Shine like a Diamond

Let your teeth shine like a solitaire with the Philips Zoom Whitening system that we have here at Kamala Dental. It’s safe, it’s fast and utilises a gel and a specially designed LED light for the whitening process. The treatment breaks down stains and discolouration on the enamel, delivering remarkable results in just a single session that typically lasts around an hour.

Full mouth rehabilitation

For patients requiring full mouth rehabilitation, Kamala Dental is the best place to be.  Full mouth rehabilitation can be removable or fixed. The fixed ones can be implant-based or full-mouth crowns. Not only do we replace the missing teeth or give crowns, but we also take care of developmental dental conditions which need full mouth rehabilitation. We’ll take care of each tooth, correcting their form and function, i.e., we check the bite and position of each tooth, along with aesthetics. You can rest assured that you’ll leave our hospital with a beautiful smile and excellent clarity of speech.

Clear Aligners

Do you wish to straighten your crooked teeth without braces? Clear aligners can be removed, and customised and have invisible trays to fulfill the task of being an unseen force that corrects your teeth. At Kamala Dental, we have in-house facilities, making us the fastest in town to deliver clear aligners. We deliver within 3-4 days and we also give special assistance and individual care for our patients.

Advanced Pediatric Dentistry Care

We offer advanced pediatric dental care at Kamala Dental for the little ones in your family. This includes preventive and interceptive orthodontics.  With preventive orthodontics, we can guide the growth and development of the teeth and jaws in children to ensure proper alignment and function in future. Early diagnosis and control of dental diseases in children is essential for their dental health in later stages of life. All the latest dental treatments for your kids are available at Kamala Dental. You can read about our dentistry prowess and how we have fine-tuned it for the kids who visit Kamala Dental in the blog given here. 

Geriatric Dentistry

Dentistry could be a tricky proposition when it comes to older patients. For instance, restoration of missing teeth in older patients can be difficult if the bone level is lower than normal. But we, at Kamala Dental have bone augmentation procedures like bone grafting that restore bone volume. So, don’t hesitate to take them to a dental hospital such as Kamala Dental. We help them embrace old age with a smile. 

Customer Care

Now that we have covered the Advanced Dental and Surgical Care that you can avail of from Kamala Dental Hospital, we’ll take you through the journey our patients experience. With the digitalization of the entire workflow, we have a hassle-free environment for our patients, right from the reception, till the time they leave the hospital and beyond. Also, we ensure that our patients are followed up even after the completion of their treatment thus taking care of them even if they are not at the hospital with us. 

To conclude, teeth should be given their due importance. Taking preventive care of them goes a long way. But should you need any sort of dental assistance, simple or complex, we are always here for you! Happy Smiling. 

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