CT Guided Surgeries

There is no substitute for the human brain. The clinician’s intelligence merged with technological advancements make digital work flow more reliable and innovative. Digital Dental Implant planning software is developed in accordance with the reverse engineering protocol, where the prosthetic planning is done in advance and followed by the ideal positioning of implants. Computer guided implant surgery is significantly quicker, most often it results in the patient getting his or her new teeth in a single visit to the dental office.

Three dimensional scans made with the help of CBCT and STL imaging files obtained via intra oral scanning, are merged to make a virtual jaw encompassing the oral soft tissue structures, which enables the clinician to perform a virtual implant placement with many trials, thus ensuring the most accurate position of the implant for future prosthetic rehabilitation.


At Kamala Dental Specialty Hospital, we do the planning of the implant position using the R2Gate software and consequent surgical placement of the implant with a surgical guide fabricated via 3D printing.


The quality and quantity of bone and soft tissue is assessed well in advance and its possibility to encase a dental implant with adequate thickness of bone all around by the R2 Gate software. Deficiencies in the bone structure, if any, are managed by other procedures involving bone grafting and guided bone regeneration during the implant placement surgery. The soft tissue profile is also evaluated and deficiencies are addressed. Colour-coded analysis of the bone morphology enables us to predict an optimal drilling sequence for strong initial stability of the implant, that is, Digital Eye.


Considering the soft tissue level, opposing tooth, adjacent teeth and restorative space, the prosthesis is planned in the software using a digital wax up. Axial position of the implants is planned and the possibility to get maximum anchorage is considered. The number of implants and its sizes are planned, well before surgery. We can protect the anatomical structures like the Inferior alveolar nerve and the sinus floor by selecting appropriate fixture length. Implant trajectories are decided according to the availability of bone and the type of prosthesis planned, either screw retained or cement retained.

Surgical Guide

The role of the surgical guide is to transfer the ideal position of the implants, onto the patient’s jaw bone. 1:1 planning and transfer, makes the implant placement more reliable and predictable. The guide is planned in such a way, that the surgery is simplified.

Guided Surgery

Most of the implant manufactures have their guided system and surgical kit with stopper drills. This facilitates a keyhole flapless surgery which exponentially reduces the time taken for the surgery.

Advanced protocols in Implantology are performed at Kamala Dental Specialty Hospital. We revel in the acceptance and appreciation received from our esteemed clients and fellow colleagues.

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