Waterlase Laser

Being the first of its kind in Kerala; Waterlase MD engineered by Biolase USA is routinely used for therapeutic and surgical procedures inside of and around the mouth, thus reducing discomfort, providing a faster healing achieved generally without injections or sutures.

Being a hard and soft tissue laser, Waterlase MD facilitates all dental as well as surgical procedures to be performed with minimum discomfort, totally bloodless and painless way. A dream come true for those who are frightened with the conventional dental drills that occasionally gives a shocking sensitivity during tooth preparation.

Lasers will automatically form clots as it seals the blood vessels and the nerve endings. One can resume the work immediately after the treatment, thus reducing down time. Hence it is very convenient and comfortable for the patient as there is no recovery time. That allows for the placement of tooth color fillings easily. A combination of conventional drill and laser is used for extensive works such as preparation of tooth for receiving dental crowns.

Hence Waterlase MD can be used for all dental procedures such as restorative dentistry, surgical dentistry, Implantology and minimally invasive dental procedures.

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