Differently Abled


Differently Abled

Children are God’s blessings, and all children, regardless of ability, must be treated equally. Most of the time, oral care is sought only in an emergency and not as part of their regular healthcare needs, which should be met at least every six months.

Because of their intense focus on their disabling condition, other major diseases, or limited access to oral health care, their oral health may be neglected.

Because of more frequent oral infections and periodontal disease, moderate to severe malocclusion, and craniofacial birth defects, differently abled children are at a higher risk of poor oral health.

Their physical condition, a lack of trained dentists to treat them, a lack of awareness among parents or caregivers, and a low socioeconomic status, all contribute to the difficulty in obtaining dental health care.

Differently abled children from all walks of life are welcomed with open arms, hearts and minds to Kamala Dental Specialty Hospital, where they will receive the best possible dental care from well-trained doctors and staff. Our dental hospital has a wheelchair, a wheelchair ramp, and ground level dental operatories, as well as anaesthesia facilities.

Requests for house-calls/house visits by our doctors are made available to all of our patients upon request through our main desk during working hours, with no additional consulting charges.

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