Geriatric Dental Care

Let us give back to our elders.

Geriatric patients are those patients aged 65 years of age and above that require a helping hand in taking care of their dentition due to their frailty and impaired dexterity on account of their age and the inevitable systemic diseases affecting them. The most common oral conditions in geriatric patients are tooth loss, dental caries, periodontitis, dry mouth and oral cancer. Each can affect the quality of life.

Management of Geriatric Patients; oral health care is not just a choice or a matter of convenience. It’s a necessity due to the compromised food habits due to swallowing difficulties or tongue and mouth movements, impaired speech and gross changes of the face that is inevitable with the loss of teeth.

Dentures are prosthetic appliances with teeth fabricated to fill the gaps of missing teeth. Conventional removable dentures and even fixed type of dentures using dental implants are designed for them as per their preference and financial availability. We at Kamala Dental Specialty Hospital provide the most durable and comfortable treatments to our elderly patients leaving them feeling youthful and confident about their teeth and smile thus exceeding their expectations at all levels.

Highly unfortunate invalid patients or those who cannot visit our dental office, can avail the House-visit / House-call services offered by our doctors without incurring any additional charges.

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