February 17, 2024
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Kamala Dental Clinic is Tooth Fairy Approved

Stepping into a dental clinic can be an overwhelming experience for young minds, and it is not uncommon for kids to feel butterflies in their tummy. Whether it is a general unease or memories of past dental events, these emotions can cast a shadow on a child’s visit. Recognising this, Kamala Dental Specialty Hospital stands as a beacon of reassurance, dedicated to transforming dental care into a positive and educational adventure for our young patients and their parents.


Guided by the unwavering commitment of Dr. Segin Chandran and his Team at Kamala Dental Specialty Hospital Trivandrum, our hospital strives to create an environment that is not only safe and friendly but also conducive to learning. At Kamala, we understand that comprehensive oral healthcare is essential for children of all ages, including those with special needs. Within our professional and caring atmosphere, we aim to turn each visit into a milestone of positive dental care and experiences. 

At the heart of our approach is Paediatric Dentist Dr. Aiswarya Madhu, whose focus on prioritising your child’s comfort and fostering an understanding of effective oral hygiene sets the stage for creating enduring positive associations with dental care. From the first appointment, Dr. Madhu endeavours to make the dental journey an engaging and stress-free learning experience for children of all age groups.

To ensure that your children feel at ease during their visit, we have implemented a range of measures. These include thoughtful practices and a kid-friendly atmosphere that transforms routine check-ups into moments of comfort and confidence enhancement. Join us as we outline some of these measures designed to make each visit a step towards a lifetime of happy, healthy smiles. 

We have created a calm, stress-free, friendly and welcoming environment for the child to experience the best dental care in Trivandrum. We carry out the procedures at your child’s pace, allowing them to become accustomed to dental care before undergoing any procedures.

We have a prefixed appointment system with dedicated time allocated to each child to get to know them well and later, to address their needs. 

The first dental visit is all about your child’s comfort, happiness and health. We want to keep this appointment as relaxed and easy on them as possible. At Kamala Dental Specialty Clinic, we start by reviewing your child’s medical and dental history.

Based on your child’s age and any issues that they may be having, we will take a few X-rays if that is required so that we get a complete picture of your child’s oral health. Because the X-ray can reveal a lot more than what is visible to the naked human eye. This step is absolutely painless and gets completed in a few minutes or less. The entire purpose of the first visit is for the child to get used to the surroundings and for parents to get a complete picture of their child’s oral health. 

Kid-friendly language – We make going to the dentist super fun! Instead of using big words, we change them to cool ones that make you giggle. Like, we call the suction tool a ‘slurpy straw.’ It’s not just a name; it’s like having a funny friend during your visit. When things are fun, it makes everything easier for everyone, and that’s what we are all about!

  • At Kamala Dental Speciality Clinic in Trivandrum, we use positive reinforcement techniques to encourage the child’s cooperation like praises and rewards for good behaviour which helps to create a positive association with their dental visits. Eventually, we want the children to look forward to their dental appointments. 
  • Clear explanations – More often than not, the fear of a dental clinic comes from not understanding what is about to happen. We use the “tell-show-do” method to familiarise your children with the steps of the procedure that is being done and explain it to reduce the stress on them. This also translates as a good learning session where they understand thoroughly what is wrong and how the professional team of dentists at Kamala are going to correct the same. Often, we see children taking a genuine interest in understanding thus sparking in them an interest in medical science at a very small age.  
  • We employ distraction techniques such as playing music or showing videos to divert the child’s attention during the dental procedure
  • Happy air relaxation/conscious sedation – For more invasive procedures that may cause some discomfort, we suggest using nitrous oxide, which is more famously known as “laughing gas/happy air.” We may also recommend this to help children with anxiety and to remain calm during a procedure. It is 100% safe to use and very effective in providing pain-free during a procedure should there be any. 
  • General Anesthesia as a last resort – When all techniques have failed, general anaesthesia may be used as a last resort in very young children, children with special health care needs, and/or children that do not cooperate with treatment using laughing gas. 

General anaesthesia will be provided by an anesthesiologist whose sole responsibility is to keep the child safe, while we focus on rendering your child’s dental treatment. This would be the same as if he/she was having tonsils removed or any other emergent/non-emergent surgery.

  • Collaboration with Parents – We work closely with the child’s parents or their guardians to understand the child’s specific needs, fears and triggers. Because at a kids-friendly dental clinic such as Kamala, we understand and appreciate that each child is unique and their needs, even more. Developing a collaborative approach along with the parents can help ensure that the child receives the best possible care.

Whether your child is coming in for an oral checkup or being treated under sedation, their safety is paramount at Kamala Dental Specialty Hospital. We follow the highest standards of sterilisation, infection control and radiation exposure control. The entire staff at this one-of-a-kind kids-friendly dental clinic regularly attends education courses on safety and CPR. We also adhere to strict OSHA Standards ensuring your kids are safe, happy and receive wholesome dental treatment at Kamala Multi Speciality Dental Clinic, Trivandrum. Book an appointment with us right away to learn more!

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