NABH Accreditation

National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers known as NABH, is a quality assurance board committed to support the improvement of quality of healthcare service in our country for all strata of the population through various methodologies and tools. Thus, it supplements the efforts of the providers of healthcare service and the requirements of the system at various levels.

NABH therefore intends to be a robust, accessible and competent organization to complement the health care system to improve its efficiency and the predictability of health care outcomes.

Failing health does not spare anyone. Let us provide the people of our country with correct health care in their health and in their illness. Standardization is a multilayered issue, aimed at achieving a reliable, consistent level of quality in everyone’s best interest.

Kamala Dental Specialty Hospital is one of the only two dental hospitals in Kerala to get NABH accredited. It caters to A-Z protocols in Dentistry, Oral Implantology and Maxillofacial surgery whilst adhering to NABH standards, thus ensuring safety in every aspect of our treatment modality.

Those who seek quality, will work without compromise, NABH accredited establishments like our Kamala Dental Specialty Hospital assures you the same.

Kamala Dental Specialty Hospital know that a patient’s inclination in choosing dental hospitals often indicate that quality of care is a decisive criterion in the choice of the hospital.

Remarkable expertise in diagnosing and treating a specific illness often top the list from the patient’s perspective that influences their choice of dental hospitals.

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