Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is the consequential treatment for the infected pulp of a tooth. The aim of this treatment is in the elimination of the infection and the protection of the tooth from future microbial invasion. It is done in two or three visits.

Single Visit Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatments are no more a blind procedure. The number of canals, position, shape and length of the canals and its connection with each other and the complex anatomy is visualized and evaluated by a three-dimensional evaluation using CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography). The entire information gained in advance, helps the clinician to open the cavity, decontaminate and shape the canals, in order to fill the same with a medicated filling material in a single shot. This is undoubtedly the biggest advantage in single visit root canal treatments.

The major reason for increased patient acceptance of Root canal Treatments in a single visit is the reduced number of injections and reduced number of visits to the dental clinic as well as the predictability and success rate of the same.

Laser Assisted Root Canal Treatment

Recent advances in dentistry shows that Laser can now be used to open the surface of the tooth to access the root canal, remove diseased tissue, clean, disinfect and shape the canal and finally fill it. The use of laser aids in root canal disinfection proving to be more promising than in root canal preparation. They reduce discomfort by eliminating the jarring sounds of drills as well as limits the need for Local anesthesia. It also reduces post-operative discomfort.

At Kamala Dental Specialty Hospital, we provide single visit root canal treatment along with laser assisted decontamination of canals, and the results are at a greater success rate. We use the world’s best soft and hard tissue Laser-Biolase USA.

Microscopic Endodontics

The information gathered from the diagnostic devices need to be visualized with a higher magnification and that, is the primary role of Microscopic Endodontics. At Kamala Dental Specialty Hospital, we have the best microscope from Labomed available for Microscopic Endodontics.

Endodontic / Root Canal Re-treatments

There are a number of reasons why root canal therapy unexpectedly fails, including:

Root canal Re-treatment sequence:

On the first day of the retreatment procedure a local anesthetic will be administered. The affected tooth is isolated with a rubber dam. The dam protects the tooth during treatment from bacteria and saliva.

The first step in a root canal retreatment is to gain access to the inner root canal system. If a crown and post have been placed, these will be removed.

Next, filling material and obstructions that block the root canals will be removed. Under magnification, the entire canal system will be cleaned well and the radiographs will ensure the same. If the infection is persisting and the pH needs to be maintained, the canal will be filled with medication and it is left with an interim filling for a short duration.

When the root canals are completely clean, the canals are then filled using a rubbery and inert filling material. This rubbery material along with a sealant that seals the entire root canal system to prevent bacterial invasion. Finally, a partial coverage/full coverage crown will be placed.

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