Software and Digital Lab

Kamala Dental Specialty Hospital is acclaimed for the induction of digital protocols and several digital dental software pioneered by us in India.
Kamala Dental Specialty Hospital uses CBCT- Sidexis 4 software from Sirona, implant planning software Galileos and R2Gate, CAD/CAM software, and 3D printing software that altogether makes our clinical procedures faster, dynamic and more reliable.

Radiography acquisition is practiced through softwares like Sidexis 4 and Dental Studio that offer a clear diagnosis using 2D and 3D imaging of various facial structures, serving as a basis for further planning. In an integrated dental workflow, the primary diagnosis is sometimes insufficient hence the induction of such advanced software comes into play.
We use an implant planning software like Galileos and R2Gate to achieve excellence in surgical placement of Implants due to its advancement and accuracy as well as all round acceptability around the World. The digital experts at Kamala Dental Specialty Hospital complete the implant planning and convert the same into custom surgical stents with our in-house facilities.

Kamala Dental Specialty Hospital also provides the software training to those who show keen interest in learning the digital dental protocols here.
R2CAD and Exo-CAD are the digital platforms for prosthetic designing. Phrozen 3D printer and its software completes the digital workflow. This is how Kamala Dental has progressed to one-day implants and their subsequent protocols.

In R2Gate software, the implant planning is done by obtaining the STL files from the Sirona Omnicam intra oral scanner (intraoral profile) and DICOM files obtained from CBCT (hard tissue architecture) which are then are merged on this platform, creating a virtual patient where all possible implant positions are tried and the best option is selected.

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