Splinting of Teeth

Teeth can become mobile due to trauma or periodontal diseases. Chronic periodontitis is a disease condition of the gums caused by lack of proper oral hygiene, genetic factors or/and systemic disorders. This diseased condition of the gum tissue shows remarkable characteristics such as severe inflammation of the gum tissue around the tooth, infection of the overlying gums and consequential loss of bone around the teeth. Because of such a periodontal disease, the tooth can become mobile as teeth lose it’s binding to the bone and soft tissues.

When the tooth is with minimal or moderate mobility, it will further damage the investing tissues and causes further bone loss leading to a complete loss of attachment. Hence, it is prudent to fix such teeth with the adjacent healthy tooth/teeth, in order to give additional strength and fixation for these teeth.

If the periodontal health of the teeth is taken care of, by preventing further plaque and calculus(hardened plaque) accumulation, that is, maintenance of oral hygiene is done, by advocating at-home cleaning measures like interdental cleaning devices and a water-jet flosser, then these teeth can be given an extended lifetime.

When you desire to retain your natural teeth, this is the best option but periodic maintenance of oral hygiene is a must. It’s always better to prevent progressing periodontal diseases in it’s initial stages.

At Kamala Dental Specialty Hospital, we offer both metallic and fiber splints. Fiber splints provide better longevity and aesthetics. These resins filled fibers offer more rigidity and are easier to clean and maintain. Interlig, Ribbond, Everstick are the different types of fiber splints used in Kamala Dental Specialty Hospital.

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