Sterilization Equipments

Sterilization is a term referring to any process that eliminates or kills all forms of pathogens present in a specified region or surface or a volume of fluid.

Kamala dental Specialty Hospital practices and maintains a sterilization protocol approved by CDC to maintain or increase productivity while ensuring that patient safety remains a top priority. A cleaning and sterilization process that meets ADA and CDC guidelines is vital to an effective infection control program and Kamala Dental Specialty Hospital employs the following sequence:

Washing and Scrubbing of the instruments using cleaning solutions and scrub

Soaking of all dental instruments in a chemical enzymatic cleanser monitored by a chemical indicator, followed by subjecting the said instrument to Ultrasonic cleaning in the Coltene’s Biosonic Ultrasonic cleaners to ensure removal of all debris and contaminants.

Once the instruments are dried, they are tightly sealed in sterilization pouches and placed in a W&H Class B Autoclave or Euronda Autoclave for steam sterilization at controlled pressures.

Steam sterilization in Kamala Dental Specialty hospital class B autoclave machines are monitored daily using Process Challenge Devices (PCD) and its indicator with a monthly test using biological indicators subject to scrutiny by a microbiological laboratory as per the directives of NABH.

Once the autoclave process is complete, the instruments are subjected to drying in a Kemi Hot air oven and then given for usage after labelling.

Flash sterilization is a rapid version of the conventional sterilization techniques that provides a more feasible alternative to the time-consuming conventional steam sterilization when there is insufficient time between patients for the preferred packing and storage method. This also avoids a cold sterilization protocol and ensures absolute safety at all times.

Kamala dental specialty hospital has invested largely in adhering all sterilization protocols approved by the CDC and flash sterilization using our newest Flash Autoclave (Sci can) in collaboration with Coltene to ensure only absolutely decontaminated and disinfected instruments are used for our patients.

Employing such rigid sterilization protocols, with usage of a complete system that encompasses and fulfils all elements, critical to the best treatment modalities especially in our time of pandemic spread of viruses.

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