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Kamala Dental Specialty Hospital is a well-known center for dental implant- based teeth replacement options. We provide dental implants that are strong, biocompatible and having the most advanced design and concept. When these titanium screws are placed into the jaw bone, it replaces the root of the missing tooth, thus providing a strong foundation for the tooth replacement. Rehabilitation ranges from a single tooth to full mouth.

A wide range of dental implants like Nobel Biocare, Straumman, Megagen, Zimmer and many more are used here in Kamala Dental Specialty Hospital. Such a wide selection of Implants helps the patient to choose the best and the most economically feasible.



Megagen AnyRidge Implants are the best and newest generation of dental implants; because of its aggressive thread design, the primary stability attained in combination with its ability to generate bone around the implant much faster due to the peculiar surface treatments. These implants are entitled for the immediate placement of crowns for the implants thus improving function and aesthetics.


A) GBR (Guided Bone Regeneration)

At times Implant placement is difficult in deficient bone scenario. Where we need to replace the lost volume of bone to ensure stability and longevity. This is best done by your own bone or/and artificial bone combined with growth modifiers like PRF (Platelet rich fibrin). Such bioengineering techniques are commonly done at Kamala Dental Specialty Hospital, thus ensuring high success rates for implants placed.

B) Short Implants

Implant companies with an innovative thought like Megagen, offer short and stout implants that is ideal for placing in areas of deficient bone height, especially in the upper and lower posterior areas of the jaw. This avoids extensive grafting procedures. Multiple short implants combined together gives a strong platform for the prosthesis that we place on them.

C) Graft less Options

1) All on Four –

This is offered as a solution for a completely toothless condition in one or both the upper and lower jaw where four implants are placed in the anterior region (two straight and two tilted). A framework is fixed on them that holds the entire set of teeth providing a full jaw rehabilitation and thus it is called as All on Four.

2) All on Six –

When there is adequate bone in the anterior and posterior segments of the jaw, then it is assuredly better to have 6 implants in each jaw all placed at a straight angle hence, providing support for the hybrid denture.

3) Zygoma Implants

Zygomatic implants are done when there is less/almost no bone in the posterior segments of the upper jaw. The facial bone adjacent to the jaw bone is taken as an anchorage thus, providing support for the hybrid denture. Two straight implants in the anterior region and two tilted long implants supported from the zygomatic bone is more than enough to hold the hybrid prosthesis, in the case of most severely resorbed upper jaw region.

4) Quad Zygoma

When there is no bone left in the anterior and posterior segments of the jaw that is less than 2mm, then two implants each from both zygomatic bones (Quad zygoma) are anchored and this provides a better anchorage for severely resorbed jaws as a fixed option.


When a patient demands less expensive and a semi-fixed option, overdentures are preferred. This gives excellent retention and stability for a full denture prosthesis. Two or four implants with Ball Abutments or Zest Anchors are preferred for the same.


Digitally planned and executed implant placements using three dimensional scans of the CBCT, intraoral scanners and a couple of special software like R2 Gate, Exo-Cad, Dental Studio, Blue Sky Bio; create a surgical stent/guide printed with a 3D printer. Such surgical guides/stents are used as a template for Implant surgeries, thus establishing the Implant placement protocol followed here, at Kamala Dental Specialty Hospital.

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