Surgical Microscope

Magnification and lighting are the two most critical aspects in Micro-
Surgery and Microscopic Endodontics. Microscopes are employed to improve the precision and perfection in various cosmetic dentistry procedures too.

Carl Zeiss Loupes provide a good amount of magnification. When higher magnification is necessary, our clinicians take the advantage of a high-end surgical microscope from Labomed-Magna at Kamala Dental Specialty Hospital. The minute internal architecture of the root canal system is best visualized under high power magnification thus proving to be a great tool in endodontic re-treatment also.

A brilliantly designed, user friendly and ergonomic microscope with its inbuilt super bright LED lighting helps in better visualization giving promising results. High-magnification digital documentation is possible by the use of an attached DSLR video camera for both high definition still photographs and videos thus making our digital record complete with its upscale technology.

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