Surgical Operatory

Kamala Dental undertakes all maxillofacial procedures under the leadership of Dr.Segin Chandran and also with an efficient team of oral surgeons. Our surgical operatory is specially designed to cater to oral and maxillofacial surgical procedures inclusive of other dental and implantology procedures while adhering to rigid sterilization protocols.

Operating rooms are absolute sterile environments where all personnel wear protective clothing called scrubs. Additionally, they also wear mouth masks, head caps, surgical gown, eye shields, and other coverings to prevent the spread of pathogens.

The surgical operatory at Kamala Dental Specialty Hospital has the most sophisticated sterilization room that is facilitated with high tech Euronda Class B autoclaves, sealing machines and ultrasonic cleansers as well as disinfecting solutions.

Our operating room is powered by the luminous Maquet Surgical Light with Led technology lending ambient light without exerting any unwanted strain to the surgeons working on the patient.

Depending on the nature of the surgery, various forms of anaesthesia or sedation are administered and the surgical site is cleansed and surrounded by a sterile drape.

Our surgical operatory is well equipped with emergency resuscitative devices, patient monitors, diagnostic tools and laser machines at all times.

One of the notable additions to our operating room is the availability of a crash cart also called a resuscitation cart or code cart. This portable cart contains emergency resuscitation that includes a defibrillator, airway intubation devices, resuscitation bag/mask, oxygen cylinder and medication box. Crash carts are strategically located in the operating room for immediate accessibility if a patient experiences cardiorespiratory failure.

All surgical procedures are only performed with the patient connected to the multi para monitor which enables continuous assessment and monitoring of blood pressure (NIBP), saturation levels and ECG too.

Our operatory is equipped with hard and soft tissue laser-Biolase Waterlase MD for all laser assisted surgical procedures and armamentarium-like physio dispensers, implant kits and RVG equipment software.

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