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We at Kamala Dental are not only exceptional in providing dental care but also ensure that our practices are environmentally sustainable. Embracing the principles of green dentistry, we have implemented several initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint and promote eco-friendly practices.

From digital patient records,appointments, radiographs and billing, we have streamlined our operations to reduce paper usage significantly to ensure that every aspect of our practice is ecofriendly. Emphasizing digital dental technologies has not only enhanced precision and efficiency in all our treatment protocols but also helped us to reduce carbon footprints.

Green Energy ..!
Kamala Dental Hospital relies on solar energy to generate electricity to aid in functioning of all our equipments, thus promoting and producing sustainable energy.

We are Mercury Free..! Here at Kamala Dental Speciality Hospital, we offer mercury free treatments where there are no more fillings containing mercury which leads to toxicity to both patients and the environment.

Proper disposal of biomedical waste is mandatory to avoid pollution and contamination of the environment and water resources. IMAGE is a biomedical waste treatment and disposal facility in Kerala State and we’re proud to say that we won the IMAGE Paristhithi Mithra Award in 2022 for effectively managing the biomedical waste while strictly adhering to the biomedical waste management rules.


T. C. 29/4638, Near Centre Plaza,
Sree Mulam Club Junction,
Kerala – 695014

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