Degital Smile Design


Digital Smile Designing

Aesthetic dentistry is the art and science of combining aesthetic principles with technological advancements. The software’s digital models and simulations rely heavily on the patient’s facial features. The goal of smile design is to bring symmetry and beauty to an individual’s smile by guiding tooth positioning, contouring the tooth shape, and changing the tooth colour to complement their facial features.

DSD (Digital Smile Designing) is the most recent and cutting-edge customized approach to smile design and aesthetic dentistry.

A thorough examination of the patient’s facial and dental structures will be performed using cutting-edge photography, videography, and digital technology with specialized software. Changes in tooth colour, shape and size are communicated to the dental lab for permanent restorations, ensuring the best possible aesthetic outcome.

All of the digital data gathered serves as the groundwork for the digital wax-up and intraoral mock-up. This is an effective means of communication between the dentist, the patient and the dental lab technician.

Kamala Dental Specialty Hospital provides digital design of your desired smile makeover using software such as DSD (Digital Smile Design) and DOD (Digital Oral Design).

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