Digital Smile Designing

It is the art and science of aesthetic dentistry in which, aesthetic principles are combined with technological advancements. The patient’s facial features are key components in the digital models and simulation of the software. The smile design focuses on bringing symmetry and beauty to the individual’s smile by guiding tooth positioning and contouring the tooth shape and changing the tooth color to harmonize with their facial features.

DSD is the latest and most modern customized approach in smile designing and aesthetic dentistry.

Careful analysis of the patient’s facial and dental structures through state-of-the-art photography, videography and digital technology using special software will be carried out. The changes made in colour, shape and size of teeth are communicated to the dental lab for making permanent restorations, hence assuring the best plausible aesthetic outcome.

All of the digital data compiled, serve as a starting point for the digital wax-up and intraoral mock-up. This serves as an efficient communication tool amongst the dentist, the patient, and the dental lab technician.

Kamala Dental Specialty Hospital offers the digital design of your desired smile makeover by employing different software like DSD (Digital Smile design) and DOD (Digital Oral Design).

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