Laser Dentistry

“Laser is an amazing magical wand that has revolutionized dentistry with its unparalleled ability to provide the ultimate patient comfort by vanishing pain!”

We, the doctors at Kamala Dental, routinely use lasers for therapeutic and surgical procedures inside and around the mouth, keeping it bloodless and painless, with faster healing.

Kamala Dental is equipped with the world’s best hard and soft tissue laser unit — Waterlase from USA. Laser-assisted cosmetic fillings, laser-assisted root canal treatments, laser gum surgeries and laser teeth whitening are commonly done laser procedures.

Waterlase MD

Kamala Dental is the first hospital in Kerala to use lasers for therapeutic and surgical procedures inside and around the mouth to minimise discomfort, quicken healing, and eliminate the need for injections or sutures. As a hard and soft tissue laser, Waterlase MD Turbo allows all dental and surgical procedures to be performed with minimal discomfort, no blood and no pain.

Laser is a dream come true for those who are afraid of traditional dental drills which cause excruciating sensitivity during tooth preparation. The laser automatically forms clots and seals blood vessels and nerve endings. With minimal recovery time, one can return to work or go home immediately after treatment. For extensive procedures such as crown preparations, a combination of the conventional drill and a laser is used.

The benefits of soft tissue laser in dentistry range from the treatment of oral ulcers and gum diseases to the removal of tongue ties, gum depigmentation, smile designing and even the sterilization of root canals, providing you with a completely infection-free healthy mouth. We personally invite you to visit our hospital and be enchanted by this magical wand.

Benefits of lasers over conventional surgical methods:
  • Lasers have the ability to seal blood vessels (haemostasis)
  • Lasers seal lymphatic vessels and decrease post-surgical swelling.
  • Lasers seal nerve fibers reducing post-operative pain.
  • There is reduced tooth preparation without the use of drills.
  • The bacterial count is reduced thereby promoting healing and minimizing post-operative inflammation.
  • There is less scarring and greater precision because of monochromic coherence qualities.
The usage of lasers in dentistry are as follows:

Laser Periodontal Procedures – LANAP

Laser Periodontal Therapy (LANAP) is a laser-based technique for treating periodontal disease with lasers. Laser Periodontal Therapy is a remarkable advancement in the treatment of periodontal disease. If you’ve been told you need gum surgery or have periodontal disease, this new technology eliminates the need for cutting the gum tissue with a scalpel and the need for stitches. This means a quicker recovery with less bleeding, preserving gum tissue and reducing root exposure and sensitivity.

Laser Assisted Root Canal Treatment (Endodontics)

One of the most significant advantages of laser dentistry is its ability to sterilize the area. Hundreds of studies have shown that lasers can sterilize root canals. The majority of root canal failures are caused by insufficient tissue removal from the canals. When used for cleaning and sterilization within the canals, the laser burns away any remaining tissue, increasing the success of root canal treatments. We have extensive experience and a high success rate in laser assisted root canal sterilization.

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