digital records


Digital Records

Kamala Dental Specialty Hospital leaps into the futuristic world of Digital Dentistry as we are digitally equipped with several computers and software installed in them, hence making the entire system layout to be faster and more reliable.

We have our dental hospital management solution developed by CAPS28 (Computing Assisted Practice Solutions) which assists with patient registration, storing medical and dental treatment records, generating patient treatment reports and financial details pertaining to each patient.

Such software enables us to view patient’s dental record summary, radiographs, treatment images, their advised treatment plan and much more. All patient-related information is just one click away, thus enabling the analysis of past dental visit details, the medications prescribed, records of any drug allergy and the medical status of the person.

Connected with powerful internet, all our operatory facilitate the viewing of the same details simultaneously thus coordinating all specialties. Online as well as telephonic scheduling of appointment assists in planning the patient’s visit and ensures the time that is spent at our hospital to be fruitful without an unnecessarily long waiting time.

The dental digital management solution software by CAPS28 is highly customized, thus enabling the clinicians to work in a synchronized fashion. Efficient digital protocols make patient registration and billing convenient as it is seamlessly inculcated in the software.

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