Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Functional and aesthetic rehabilitation of a mutilated dentition is referred as Full mouth rehabilitation.

Full mouth rehabilitation treatments are advised for patients with neglected mouths due to lack of proper oral hygiene and to those who are suffering from comorbidities like diabetes.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation (FMR) is an individualized treatment to optimize the health of the entire mouth, including the smile, teeth, gums and the bite.

It is necessary to restore every missing tooth and partially decayed tooth back to its functional condition. It may involve crown and bridges, implants, multiple root canal treatments, treatments for gum disease and giving utmost importance to the bite (occlusion). The advantage of getting a full mouth rehabilitation in Kamala Dental Specialty Hospital, is the availability of the most modern diagnostic modalities and advanced treatment options at feasible prices.

The results of such diligently administered treatments are enduring, but needs periodic evaluation and follow-ups. Patients are motivated to change their unhealthy lifestyle as well as maintain proper oral care habits following such full mouth oral rehabilitation.

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