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One Day Dentistry – CEREC
Are you tired of multiple visits to your dentist? Do not worry! It is all quick and digital now!

We believe that time is the most precious entity in the world. Can you imagine that your damaged teeth can be restored completely in a single day’s time without repeated visits to your dentist? 

Kamala Dental has always been known for its digital protocols in dentistry and surgery. We have taken it a step further by introducing the latest digital technology with artificial intelligence to make crowns, bridges and other prostheses live for you. 

We are proud to announce that we are currently equipped with the latest CAD/CAM milling unit CEREC Primemill. It is the world’s fastest chairside milling unit, and it is Kerala’s first in-house CEREC system. 

Incorporating CEREC into our workstream has made the restorative outcomes accurately predictable, faster and more precise. We do not compromise in aesthetics, durability or accuracy and you will definitely enjoy and appreciate the same. 

Digital Diagnosis    – CBCT (DentsplySirona-Germany)
Digital Impression – Prime Scan (DentsplySirona-Germany)
Digital Processing – CEREC Prime Mill (DentsplySirona-Germany) 

Get your restorations completed in a single visit here at Kamala Dental Speciality Hospital!

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