March 12, 2021
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Dental Implants- Keyhole Surgery

The most advanced dental implant placement procedure done by the keyhole protocol  -By Dr. Segin Chandran

Do you have a missing tooth and your dentist advised a replacement?  Avoid reshaping your adjacent teeth for replacing a new tooth! 

Let’s preserve what is remaining and replace what is missing to regain function and aesthetics with the most advanced keyhole dental implant surgery at Kamala Dental Speciality Clinic, Trivandrum, Kerala. 

Presenting a single tooth replacement done in a week’s time from diagnosis to permanent crown. 

Patient presented with missing teeth in the posterior region. Image on left shows the intra oral view. Image on right is the CBCT view


Digital wax up


Digital surgical guide for implant surgery


Image showing initial drilling followed by placement of the implant.


Image showing the permanent crown placed over the implant.

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