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February 28, 2018
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One of the fastest growing areas of dentistry in the recent years is observed to be endodontics. Endodontic therapy (Root canal therapy) is perceived by many as a procedure to be feared. With continuously evolving newer technology the art and science of endodontics have multiple travelled as well as untravelled roads in their quest for excellence. Endodontic success depends upon localization, proper canal preparation and three dimensional obturation of canal system. To achieve these goals, endodontic therapy used to be performed in multiple visits for complete disinfection of the canal all together for the better success. Because of the ever expanding newer materials, clinicians ability to perform more accurate endodontic procedures using loupes, dental microscopes, which greatly increases the visualization, enhanced imaging technologies using digital radiography, precise canal length determination using apex locators and root canal cleaning and shaping with more refined rotary driven Ni Ti files used with computer assisted electronic hand pieces, ultrasonics, laser assisted disinfection all for the sake of achieving an optimum result, ultimately adding to a concept of “ Maximum Dentistry in Minimum Visits”.

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