Facial Fractures

Violence, Road Traffic Accidents or even an accidental fall can lead to minor or major fractures of jaw bones, at times getting displaced so much that it may need reduction and fixation in major hospital set-ups. Maxillofacial surgeons fix these fractured segments with utmost respect to the teeth and its alignment. Many times, Maxillofacial Surgeons […]

Fixed teeth from Kamala Dental Specialty Hospital, Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram)

Team Kamala Dental, one of the pioneers in dental implant based fixed teeth rehabilitation, proudly present this very respectful lady who lost her teeth due to trauma and periodontal diseases and has approached almost all the dental hospitals and denied rehabilitation in a fixed way because of severe loss of bone in the teeth bearing […]

Cleft Lip and Palate

Many of our children are unfortunate to be born with a slit in their lip and palate. Such a defect may be noticed from birth and these defects can be closed by a series of surgeries, to restore function and also to achieve a normal appearance with minimal scarring. This slit may affect one or […]

In search of the best…

The best options are never the cheapest or nor can be done by temporary measures. Are you looking for permanent solutions where you can use your teeth without fear of crack? You can enjoy your food, and have a confident smile with a dental implant replacing broken natural tooth. Lend your ears to Rahul who […]


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