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Root canal treatment is the procedure to remove infected and inflamed pulp from the roots of the teeth. Like any other treatments root canal treatment failures are no different. The success of root canal treatment lies between 94-96%.

Many factors can contribute to failure of the procedure. Improperly cleaned canal, missed canal, separated instrument, failure to cement a cap over the treated root canal teeth, overfilling, improper filling, and persistent infection even after successful filling.

A root canal re treatment may be necessary if a previously root canal treated tooth fails to heal or if a recurrent infection is evident. The procedure involves multiple visits than compared to the first RCT. The steps involve removal of old filling, cleaning, and then re filling the canal system.

Here at KAMALA DENTAL we perform re treatment of RCTs with utmost care and precision. High end technologies like CBCT and Microscope are used to detect the cause and perform the treatment to attain the best result.

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