Facial Fractures

Violence, Road Traffic Accidents or even an accidental fall can lead to minor or major fractures of jaw bones, at times getting displaced so much that it may need reduction and fixation in major hospital set-ups. Maxillofacial surgeons fix these fractured segments with utmost respect to the teeth and its alignment. Many times, Maxillofacial Surgeons […]

Change Your Habits

A new era has started along with the widespread of COVID-19. The world is shifting its phase from the busy crowded daily routines to WORK FROM HOME. Adjusting to new daily routines means compromising in many personal hygiene oriented activities which includes DENTAL HYGIENE. So let’s BRUSH UP some changes, so that we keep smiling […]

‘Smile Brighter’ at Kamala Dental Specialty Hospital

Kamala Dental Specialty Hospital helps your teeth to be whiter, shinier and gives that perfect dazzling smile! Try out our Zoom whitening protocol that is patient number one requested whitening treatment, assuring you will walk out with a confident and a sparkling smile. Zoom In-office Whitening gives you a 45 minutes session with three cycles […]

Why You Need A Dental Checkup Every Six Months?

Have you scheduled an appointment with your dentist? NO? If not, you should and here are the reasons. If you are determined to keep good health, then you must get your oral health too checked. As the mouth remains the first entity where any systemic deterioration signs show. If not properly checked in due time […]

My dentist & dental hospital…

We are happy to hear from Mr. Anandhu Padmanabh who visited Kamala Dental multiple times for his dental problems. We could make him feel at ease and boost his confidence so that he could undergo surgery without anxiety and fear. He could complete all his dental treatment as desired and is happy to share his […]

Jaw Surgery & Dental Corrections

Kamala Dental always stood one step ahead in comprehensive dental care with multidisciplinary treatment protocols customised to the needs of that particular person, giving long lasting, quality dental care without compromising on the bite. A reverse treatment protocol from ideal smile and bite with the necessary changes are made in the jaws and teeth. Hear […]

The Best Dental Clinic in Thiruvananthapuram

Knowing the importance of being disciplined and correcting our mistakes in time, Kamala Dental humbly reached a place to rely on for excellence in dental care and surgical corrections of jaws & face. One of the first dental hospitals in Kerala to get NABH accreditation, we, Team Kamala, follow the same protocols to get better […]

More GAIN in LESS time!

Combination of protocols for maximum implant solutions at the first sitting. Placing implants in extraction sockets, simultaneous socket healing and osseointegration, moulding soft and hard tissue, using dual zone concept to obtain optimum aesthetics and function. Root membrane technique to retain the contour and aesthetics. Predictable and precise implant placement using R2Gate surgical guides. Use of […]

“Smile Correction” – “Space Closure” in Trivandrum

Kamala Dental, giving a comprehensive treatment for spaced and protruded teeth. We proudly present a 27 years old, who got his teeth projection and spacing corrected with the most advanced orthodontic braces. He started enjoying his teeth and smile and he is a charming macho boy of his age. Change your smile at Kamala Dental. […]

Re treatment in Endodontics – Best in Trivandrum

Root canal treatment is the procedure to remove infected and inflamed pulp from the roots of the teeth. Like any other treatments root canal treatment failures are no different. The success of root canal treatment lies between 94-96%. Many factors can contribute to failure of the procedure. Improperly cleaned canal, missed canal, separated instrument, failure […]


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