Smile Brighter’ at Kamala Dental Specialty Hospital
February 22, 2021
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‘Smile Brighter’ at Kamala Dental Specialty Hospital

Kamala Dental Specialty Hospital helps your teeth to be whiter, shinier and gives that
perfect dazzling smile! Try out our Zoom whitening protocol that is patient number one
requested whitening treatment, assuring you will walk out with a confident and a sparkling smile.
Zoom In-office Whitening gives you a 45 minutes session with three cycles of 15
minutes interval. With an advanced technology, Zoom light (chair side lamp) activates 25
percent hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide, key ingredients of whitening. You will
witness genuine and immediate results of color change from darkest yellow shades to varying
lighter shades. Patient’s response to whitening will vary due to habits and tooth structure.
It’s safe, effective, long lasting and done under a professional with utmost care and
expertise. The whitening kit comes with two desensitizing agents potassium nitrate and
amorphous calcium phosphate that reduces sensitivity, protects enamel and helps improve the
texture of the teeth.
Get your teeth examined and assess the shade prior to our whitening treatment. If you are
a person who has a good oral health, and has predominant stains from smoking, tea or coffee, red
wines – let’s get your teeth whiter!
The world looks brighter from behind a smile! So let’s give you that sparkling pearly
whites and confidence to outshine.


Equipment used: Philips Zoom Whitespeed

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