Facial Fractures

Violence, Road Traffic Accidents or even an accidental fall can lead to minor or major fractures of jaw bones, at times getting displaced so much that it may need reduction and fixation in major hospital set-ups. Maxillofacial surgeons fix these fractured segments with utmost respect to the teeth and its alignment. Many times, Maxillofacial Surgeons […]

Better smile for everyone

Your search for place for space closure and affordable dental clinic ends here. Your search for place for space closure and affordable dental clinic ends here. Creating better smile and giving confidence to smile at others is the responsibility of Team Kamala Dental, the smile makers of Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala with international reputations and high standards […]

Early signs of gum diseases

Do you worry more about bad breath and bleeding gums? It might be an early sign of a gum disease. Gum diseases are more common nowadays affecting almost 50% of the population. As age advances, the symptoms can get worse, affecting the overall dental health including tooth loss. It starts when the bacteria accumulate around […]

Gingival Depigmentation and Lip Lenthening

Melanin hyperpigmented gingiva is an esthetic problem in many individuals, particularly if the hyperpigmentation is on the facial aspect of gingiva and visible during smile and speech, especially in patients with gummy smile. The normal appearance of the gingiva is pink to light red, with stippling “orange peel texture.” The normal color depends on melanogenesis […]

Is Old Age A Barrier For Any Dental Treatments?

Gone are those days where adult age i.e., 65 years or older can be considered as a factor for risks involving dental procedures. Today, the medical industry and dental technology has made it compatible and easier for the older age group. Health status of older adults can be a quite variable with over the counter […]

Dental Implants- Keyhole Surgery

The most advanced dental implant placement procedure done by the keyhole protocol  -By Dr. Segin Chandran Do you have a missing tooth and your dentist advised a replacement?  Avoid reshaping your adjacent teeth for replacing a new tooth!  Let’s preserve what is remaining and replace what is missing to regain function and aesthetics with the […]

Redesigning Faces –  renewed smiles with corrective jaw surgeries

We are often bombarded with this question, why aren’t you smiling, is everything ok? While everything couldn’t be better on our end, some of us just can’t smile to reciprocate the inner joys and happiness. Well, that is where we come in. And this is exactly why, you should continue reading this blog where we […]

Are you confident of your smile??

Cracked & chipped front teeth spoiling your smile? You losing your confidence? Don’t worry, we have the perfect solution for you. Very natural looking Zirconia Crowns without any metal content inside. FEEL THE DIFFERENCE ……


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