Impacted Teeth

The 3rd molar, which is also known as the “Wisdom Teeth” erupts between the age of 18 to 24. Due to lack of space behind the second molars, the 3rd molars can be completely blocked inside the bone or partially erupted. When it is partially erupted, the food can get trapped and it can cause decay, swelling and infection around the same tooth or adjacent tooth, leading to pain and discomfort. Sometimes it can be severe leading to unbearable headache and pain behind the ear radiating to neck.

A surgical removal of the same may be necessary to get rid of the infection as well as for the optimum health of the remaining teeth. This does not cause any weakness to the jaws or it can never lead to headache or any vision loss.

Get help from a Maxillofacial Surgeon to get rid of the impacted teeth protecting the vital structures around it. Not only the wisdom teeth, many other teeth like canines also get impacted very frequently. X-rays and scans helps in identifying the position and its path of removal.

At Kamala Dental cases are evaluated with the help of 3-D Scanning. Minimally invasive procedures are delivered with minimum post operative pain and discomfort. Surgeries are performed by Dr.Segin Chandran.

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